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There are 29 entries for Miniature Collector, Jun, 2011:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 6 Martha Puff Voodoo Hut No
p. 8 Michael Puff Hut Tips and Tricks Yes
p. 16 Lori Mulligan Davis Creating a Borrowers Dollhouse No
p. 20 Lori Mulligan Davis Girls Club Borrowers Rooms No
p. 21 Arla Johnson Potted Tomato Plants Yes
p. 21 Angela Schiavone Photography Tips Yes
p. 22 Elizabeth Hamilton Le Maison de Poupee No
p. 26 Philippa Todd Suckling Pig, Part 1 Yes
p. 29 Weronica Astrom Lohr Image Transfers Yes
p. 30 No author Special Enough to Miniaturize, Pt 2 No
p. 31 Bev Gelfand Sizzlin Summer No
p. 36 Jaime Folk Men's Suspenders Yes
p. 37 Jaime Folk Gentleman's Vest Yes
p. 38 Mary Kaliski Gallery No
p. 39 Pamela J. Stone Path Yes
p. 42 Pamela J. Sunny Gazebo No
p. 46 Martha Puff Father's Day Gallery (Male theme items) No
p. 49 No author Club Fanfare No
p. 52 No author Heart of Miniatures No
p. 56 Terrilynn Fox Quillen Kid's Corner - Edible Minis Yes
p. 60 Gina Gagnon Lucky Pirate No
p. 65 Ericka Van Horn Voodoo Dolls Yes
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 72 Pat Vick Picnic Treats Yes
p. 74 Joyce Mori Beach Scene Yes
p. 80 No author Meet the Miniaturist No
p. 88 Kat Hazelton Pirate Hats Yes
p. 92 Pat Vick Potato Chips Yes
p. 93 No author Snippets - Father's Day Yes