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There are 45 entries for Miniature Collector, Mar, 2007:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 10 No author Auction Report No
p. 12 Esther Bonner San Francisco Townhouse No
p. 13 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 14 Mary Kaliski Around the House with Pat Bauder No
p. 14 Libby Goodman Vintage Discoveries - All That Glitters Isn't Marklin No
p. 16 Larry Marshall Small Steps: A Faked Frame Panel Blanket Chest, Part 1 Yes
p. 16 Ruth Dubois A Southwest Touch No
p. 18 Ginger Landon Siegel Make This Fancy Open Parasol Yes
p. 20 Joann L. Swanson Bear Hugs Yes
p. 22 Mary Lou Nancken Festoon & Jabot Window Treatment Yes
p. 24 Mary Kaliski Ron Hubble Knows When It's Right No
p. 24 Janice M. Leotti A Shamrock Welcome Yes
p. 28 Martha Puff Ceramic Art No
p. 28 Kathy Centracchio Lucky Irish House No
p. 29 Ron Hubble Ron's Tips for Making Minis Real No
p. 30 No author Beautiful Boudoirs No
p. 32 Scott Hughes A Look Inside 'Treacherous Project' No
p. 34 Mary Kaliski Precious Little Things No
p. 35 No author Dreaming of Gardens Yes
p. 36 Joyce Dean Colorful Windows made Easy Yes
p. 38 Barbara Jones Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures No
p. 38 Michele Carter Our Hanelei Hale No
p. 40 Kiva Atkinson Kiva's Taste of Ireland Yes
p. 42 Karen Corbin Leslie Evans' Altes Haus No
p. 42 Martha Puff Exquisite Tropical Flowers and Plants No
p. 43 Kathleen Stewart Far from Minnesota No
p. 44 No author Gallery No
p. 46 Kiva Atkinson The Melting Pot Yes
p. 47 Jackie Garrington China Painting Yes
p. 48 Deb Weissler No Stone Left Unturned No
p. 50 Becky Winsor Mini Corn Plant Yes
p. 51 Ron Mummert Reverse Painting Technique Yes
p. 52 Karen Cary Making a 1/4 inch Scale Asian Pacific South Sea Island Getaway Yes
p. 54 No author Heart of Miniatures No
p. 57 Joyce Mori Out of the Closet Yes
p. 60 Martha Sims Kids' Corner- Birthday Card Room Yes
p. 62 Marianne Colijn Doilies Galore Yes
p. 64 No author Parting Shot No
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 66 Nancy Flanagan Playing Tour Guide No
p. 75 No author Snippets Yes
p. 78 Joyce Dean Spring Flowers Yes
p. 82 Joyce Mori Glitzy Gowns Yes
p. 86 Jackie Garrington Great Entrance Yes
p. 89 No author For the Nursery Yes