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There are 50 entries for Miniature Collector, Feb, 2007:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 10 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 10 No author New Products No
p. 12 No author Auction Report No
p. 14 Mary Kaliski Lori's Not So Little Town No
p. 14 Libby Goodman Vintage Discoveries - Dorothy Dixon Kitchen No
p. 16 Kathy Centracchio The Retirement Escape No
p. 17 Lynette Barker Kit Review No
p. 18 Larry Marshall Small Steps: Basic Furniture Components: Framed Panels Yes
p. 20 Mary Kaliski Pat Richard's Folk Art No
p. 20 Chris Walton Beyond Kits - 'Leave' the Kit Behind Yes
p. 22 Julia Gross Gloeckner Thatching a Smaller Scale House Yes
p. 22 No author Details of an Era No
p. 23 Pat Richards Felted Wool Pillow Yes
p. 24 Laurel Bowen Sunrise elementary's Colonial Village No
p. 24 Terrence Lynch Philadelphia Miniatura No
p. 25 Terrence Lynch Philadelphia Miniatura No
p. 26 Terrence Lynch Philadelphia Miniatura No
p. 28 Claire Globensky Playful Dolls Houses No
p. 28 Jane Freeman Shadowboxing No
p. 28 Christine A. Verstraete Where's My Dog No
p. 32 Martha Puff Dolls of Character No
p. 33 No author A Dolls House Journal Yes
p. 34 Roberta Brodie How to Transfer Rug Patterns Yes
p. 35 Christine A. Verstraete Dog Gone Cheap Yes
p. 36 Tom O'Dea Post and Panel Construction No
p. 36 Tom O'Dea Using Cutting Jigs Yes
p. 36 Ruth Flewelling Lesbirel Create a Bermuda Holiday Yes
p. 39 Mary Kaliski Italian Food No
p. 40 Dana Sippel-Burton Victorian Violeen Yes
p. 42 Linda W. Kubish 119 Main Street Replica No
p. 44 Terrence Lynch Preserving a Heritage in Miniature No
p. 44 Janice M. Leotti Sweetheart Treats Yes
p. 46 Karen Cary Build Victorian Kitchen Furniture Yes
p. 48 Elizabeth Dillon Club Fanfare No
p. 53 Martha Puff Bluette Meloney's Newport Mansion No
p. 53 Shelly Hawley-Yan A Little Pug for You Yes
p. 56 Susan Zimmerman The Houses Antonio Marco Built No
p. 58 Marianne Colijn Hats Galore Yes
p. 62 Sue Harrington Sue's Man Yes
p. 64 No author Parting Shot No
p. 67 No author Ad Photo No
p. 68 Joyce Dean More Millinery Yes
p. 72 Sandra Keller Palesch Sandy's Candy Yes
p. 78 No author Dressing Table Adornment Yes
p. 79 No author Snippets Yes
p. 84 Becky Winsor Becky's Boston Fern Yes
p. 88 No author Handmade Wash Stand Yes
p. 96 No author Gallery No
p. 109 Martha Sims Kids' Corner Yes
p. 114 No author Through the Looking Glass No