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There are 47 entries for Miniature Collector, Aug, 2004:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 No author Cover photo No
p. 8 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 8 No author Artisan's Showcase No
p. 9 Terri Quillen Mini Tips N Tricks Yes
p. 10 Bonnie Morrison Open House No
p. 12 Dougless Strickland Bitler Quill & Plume No
p. 12 Nick Forder An Industrialist's Townhouse No
p. 15 Judy Ryden Pottery Profile No
p. 18 Nick Forder Metalworking Masterpieces No
p. 20 Inga Norden Oriental Inspiration (cover) Yes
p. 21 Sue Giordano Summer Hat Yes
p. 25 Dolores Pewitt Leather Chair and Ottoman Yes
p. 25 Lou Geary For the Birds Yes
p. 26 Chris Walton Easy Gardening Yes
p. 26 Barbara Aardema Beth Israel's Smile Man No
p. 28 Pat Vick Make a Picnic setting in 1 in scale Yes
p. 30 Mary Kaliski Nostalgia No
p. 32 Wendy Rose Tiny Houses (cover) Yes
p. 32 Linda Master Make a Candle-Lit lantern Yes
p. 34 Nick Forder Philadelphia Miniatura Show No
p. 37 Richard Jennings Collector's Corner No
p. 38 Mary Kaliski The Petite Princess Niche No
p. 38 Joann L. Swanson Construct a Victorian era dressing room. Yes
p. 40 No author Panel of Experts No
p. 43 Mary Kaliski Center Insert No
p. 46 Mary Lou Santovec The Fantasy World of Kit Cropper No
p. 46 Vaughn Silverman Build a Shaker Grandfather Clock Yes
p. 46 Patsy Morris Cabin in a Cup Yes
p. 50 Kit Cropper How It's Done No
p. 50 Grace Shaw Scratching Post for Kitty Yes
p. 52 Mary Kaliski Tierneys Tiles at Turnblad No
p. 53 No author Meet the Maker - Teresa Summers No
p. 53 Melanie Buellesbach Miniaturists tour the Midwest No
p. 55 Nancy Froseth Tips on Laying Tiles Yes
p. 56 No author Gallery No
p. 56 Jane Freeman Jane Files No
p. 58 Libby Goodman Vintage Discoveries - No
p. 60 Grace Shaw Make a Plant Yes
p. 66 Tom Berkner Ask the Experts Yes
p. 67 No author Snippets - 1/144 Dollhouse Yes
p. 68 Heather Lynn Isaacs Summer in Provence Yes
p. 71 Terri Quillen Mini Tips N Tricks Yes
p. 76 Christine A. Verstraete Meet the Maker - Helen Sandow No
p. 79 Terri Quillen Mini Tips N Tricks Yes
p. 82 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 82 No author Feature - Sherry Van Vossen No
p. 88 Helen Sandow Make an Evening Gown Yes