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There are 21 entries for Miniature Collector, Jul, 2002:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 10 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 11 Terri Quillen Mini Tips 'n' Tricks Yes
p. 12 Mary Kaliski Sans Robinson of Rosie Duck Designs No
p. 14 Sybil Harp Impossible Dreamers No
p. 17 Sans Robinson Trust Your Instincts No
p. 18 Carol Heppner Batik Fabric with Rubber Stamps Yes
p. 20 Kerra Davis Houses of Paper No
p. 24 Joann L. Swanson Star Spangled Souvenir Stand Yes
p. 24 Mary Lou Santovec Many Ways to Conquer the Dark No
p. 27 Mary Lou Santovec Artisans Illuminate the Miniatures World No
p. 32 Cheryl Miller From Model Ships to Miniature Stitches No
p. 38 Anne Huizenga Center Insert -Signs, Signs, Everywhere! Yes
p. 40 Roz Weitzman Create a Beach Bag Yes
p. 40 Carilyn Teichman Center Insert -A Child's Storybook Room (reprinted) Yes
p. 42 Don Meehan Photographing Miniatures Part 5 Yes
p. 43 Hazel M. Jeffords Child's Wading Pool Yes
p. 44 Mary Costello Whimsical Wisteria Yes
p. 48 No author Gallery No
p. 54 No author Gallery No
p. 58 Eve Karoblis-Mabe Do-It! Yes
p. 74 No author Through The Looking Glass No