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There are 25 entries for Miniature Collector, Jun/Jul, 2000:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 7 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 16 Barbara Aardema A Cozy Bedroom No
p. 16 Maggie Pernice Questions Answered Yes
p. 18 Richard D. Valentine Can do Man No
p. 18 Joann L. Swanson Attic Full of Memories (Wedding) Yes
p. 20 Mary Kaliski Seek, Find & Display Neale Albert's Collection No
p. 26 Dana Martin Batory Shaker Dry Sink and Herb Cupboard Yes
p. 28 Suzanne C. Crowley Graystone Manor No
p. 30 Marguerite Winter A Very Big Little Circus No
p. 34 Mary Kaliski Southwest Styles Suit Gale Manning No
p. 38 Linda Augsburg Stirratt Knot Your Average Rug No
p. 40 Gabriele Layne A Love of Everything Small No
p. 42 Gabriele Layne Make Your Own Fancy Hats Yes
p. 42 Maggie Pernice Artisan's Showcase - Wedding Coordinator's Shop No
p. 44 Laurie Sisson Cutouts - Bridal Shower Yes
p. 44 No author Center Insert Yes
p. 48 Barbara Aardema Ronald McDonald House Dollhouses No
p. 50 Nicholas Corder French Finery (Elyane de Vendeuvre) No
p. 52 Mary Kaliski Gallery No
p. 54 Serena Johnson Quick & Easy Timeless Topiary Yes
p. 56 Cat Wingler Clay Maker - Sweet Stack Yes
p. 60 Donna Flood A Pillow Fit for a Ring Yes
p. 67 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes
p. 78 No author Heart Of Miniatures No
p. 82 Linda Augsburg Stirratt Last Look - Minis in the News No