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There are 21 entries for Miniature Collector, Jan, 2000:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 14 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 18 Mary Kaliski Mary Eccher: Artisan and Collector No
p. 23 Mary Eccher The Ultimate Cookout Yes
p. 24 Bill March Miniature Collector Designer Dollhouse Part VII Yes
p. 24 Anne Day Smith Miniatures Milestones of the Millennium No
p. 26 Mary Kaliski Houses on Wisconsin Lakes No
p. 30 Barbara Aardema Fired Up For Miniatures No
p. 32 Joann L. Swanson The Butt'ry (c. 1900s pantry) of our Dreams Pt. 1 Yes
p. 32 Lauran Stevens Greene Collection Under the Hammer Part III No
p. 36 Jim Dorsett Haywood-Wakefield Dining Set Part II Yes
p. 39 Mini Tips 'n Tricks Yes
p. 40 Solange R. Baumann The Magical Small World of Miniatures No
p. 42 Polly Hackett-Morey Center Insert Yes
p. 46 Cynthia Dennis The Magical Rooms of Mackenzie Childs No
p. 47 Mary Kaliski 1999 Miniature Art Challenge No
p. 52 Roz Weitzman Rainbow Bridge Pt 2 Yes
p. 56 Fern Campbell Victorian Rocking Chair and Cushions Yes
p. 56 No author Gallery No
p. 60 Inga Norden Claymaker - Charming Clay Cane Mosaics Yes
p. 78 No author Heart Of Miniatures No
p. 82 Kristen Scheuing Last Look No