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There are 32 entries for Miniature Collector, May/Jun, 1996:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 Staff Hyacinths for the Soul No
p. 5 Peter F. Westcott The Inglenook Room (Part 1) Yes
p. 12 No author Collectibles Showcase No
p. 13 Ruth Armstrong Japanese Toilet Stand (c. 1900) Yes
p. 14 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 16 Mary Kaliski Carole & Barry Kaye's Perfect World No
p. 19 No author Heart of Miniatures No
p. 20 June Simpson Bedside Breakfast Table (Chippendale Bedroom Suite, c. 1900-1920) Yes
p. 23 Jean Kelly An Attic Vignette No
p. 24 Mary Kaliski Boning up on Scrimshaw No
p. 25 Meghan Dorsett Using the Internet as a Source of Scale Images No
p. 26 Sybil Harp Maynard Manor Re-visited III No
p. 28 Pat Ostovar Unusual Containers Yes
p. 32 Jeanne Delgado Bits of Britain - And More No
p. 34 Dougless Strickland Bitler Chairs Part VII: Empire No
p. 35 Marie Heuer Empire Oak Dining Room Buffet (c. 1890-1910) Yes
p. 36 Jeanne Delgado Comfort in Contemporary No
p. 38 Pat Ostovar Rebel with a Comical Cause No
p. 40 Tom Kempton The Melbourne Chair (A Contemporary Original) (c. 1991) Yes
p. 40 Betty Salpekar Romancing the Stone House No
p. 42 Maggie Pernice Comfortable Living in 1/2 inch scale No
p. 44 William S. Miller Hepplewhite (c. 1790) & Shaker Washstands (c. 1820-1850) Yes
p. 44 Susan Sirkis Harmony House Pt. II Yes
p. 44 Marguerite Winter Musical Masterpieces in Miniature No
p. 44 Helen Ruthberg Center Pullout - Ladies of Fashion Yes
p. 49 Madelyn Cook Please Be Seated Yes
p. 50 Sandy Cox A Princess Chair Yes
p. 50 No author Gallery - Flora Gill Jacobs Collection No
p. 54 Joann Swanson The Baby Shower Yes
p. 63 No author Workshop Wisdom Yes
p. 76 Pat Ostovar Pat Answers No
p. 78 Lilly Goeppert Heart Of Miniatures No