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There are 27 entries for Miniature Collector, Winter, 1993:

Page Author Title How To?
p. insert Anne Huizenga Center Pullout - Food for your Pantry Yes
p. 1 No author Wild West Theme No
p. 9 Sybil Harp Between Friends No
p. 14 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 18 Ann Bahar Treasures from Kansas City No
p. 22 Alice Lacy About Miniature Collectors, Victorian, Mauve and Wicker No
p. 26 Harry Smith Practice, Son, Practice No
p. 30 Frank Hanley The Elements of Style - IGMA Room Clock Boxes No
p. 31 Deborah A. Woodbury Nutworking: Moving Right Along No
p. 34 Geraldine Willems Gingerbread House Yes
p. 36 Marguerite Winter Marcia Backstrom's Dolls No
p. 36 Mary Kaliski Classics in Clay No
p. 38 Sydnie Wagner Make Ornaments for the Holidays Yes
p. 39 Pat Ostovar Window Treatments Made Easy (Pt 2) No
p. 40 Dottie A. McDonald The Remarkable Joe Rowe No
p. 44 No author Gallery No
p. 44 Sydnie Wagner Wire a Dollhouse Yes
p. 46 Lauran Stevens Center Stage No
p. 50 Dougless Strickland Bitler The World According to Dougless No
p. 50 Galia Bazylko Royal Portraits: Young Victoria No
p. 72 Jo Ann Johnson The Shoestring Decorator: Rag Dolls Yes
p. 78 d. Anne Ruff A Decade of Pleating Prettily Yes
p. 84 Madelyn Cook Microcrafting: Focusing on Laser Again Yes
p. 88 Kitty Mackey A Nebraska Sod House, Part 2 Yes
p. 92 Joann Swanson Dream Room 5: An Old Time Thanksgiving Yes
p. 108 Sue Mattson Small Talk Yes
p. 111 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom No