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There are 11 entries for Miniature Collector, Apr, 1980:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 4 Mary Kennerly Letters Yes
p. 12 Marie Friedman Feat of Clay Yes
p. 25 Arda Lacey Literary Minimums or Miniature Books Yes
p. 28 Kathleen Pitney Miniature Horticulture Yes
p. 30 Annette Churchill Throwing Pots on a Full Size Wheel No
p. 32 G. Ray Schaffer The Pewter Cupboard Yes
p. 38 Madelyn Cook Master Miniaturist: Geoffrey Bishop No
p. 40 Faith Rogers Dollhouse Builders Part 5 No
p. 44 G. Ray Schaffer The Mini Lathe Yes
p. 53 Ruth Hanke Miniature Cake Decorating Yes
p. 58 Elizabeth Mott Victorian Pierced Tin Pie Safe Yes