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There are 17 entries for Miniature Collector, Feb, 1980:

Page Author Title How To?
p. insert No author Cabinetmaker's Notebook: Introduction to Handwoven Caning Yes
p. 4 Jim Dorsett Empire Twins - Clocks by Helen Dorsett and Horace Cooke Yes
p. 9 Jim Jedlicka Lathe Copy Attachment - Turning Slender Spindles Yes
p. 18 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes
p. 20 Kathy Sevebeck Butterflies for Stitching Yes
p. 23 Madelyn Cook Master of Disguise (column) Yes
p. 24 Jim Dorsett Metalworking With Hand Tools Yes
p. 26 John Brady Master Miniaturist : Erny Levy's Private Secretaries No
p. 29 Helen Dorsett A Mid-Victorian Mixture Yes
p. 41 Doris Victor Simple Lathe Techniques Yes
p. 43 Dougless Strickland Bitler The Orient in Art and Symbol No
p. 46 James B. Johnstone Variations on a Theme Yes
p. 48 Barry Leo Delaney Period Furnishings: French Renaissance No
p. 52 No author Make a Miniature Collector for your Dollhouse Yes
p. 66 Harry L. Whalon Orientals in Miniature Yes
p. 68 Andrea Leonard Little Old Lady in Sneakers Yes
p. 73 Nancy Gray The Workshop - Tramp Art Button Box Yes