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There are 11 entries for Miniature Collector, Mar, 1978:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 10 Joan Bamford Titania's Palace: The Story Behind the $256,000 Dollhouse No
p. 18 Bernard Rosner Master Miniaturist Jim Marcus No
p. 20 Cynthia Baron John Blauer Collects Miniatures No
p. 25 Sandi Immormino Onward Little Soldiers No
p. 28 No author Guns that go Bang No
p. 32 Harry L. Whalon Oriental Rugs Yes
p. 38 Carol Brady Rugs, Afghans, Pillows, etc. Yes
p. 41 Bonnie McLean Sweetheart Blossom Appliqued Quilt Yes
p. 43 Dee Snyder Holmesian Habitat How-To Part III Yes
p. 43 Barbara Mott Victorian Youth Bedstead Yes
p. 55 Pat Diedrick A Russian Renaissance Revival in Miniature No