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There are 15 entries for Miniature Collector, Jun, 2017:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 12 No author Auction Report - O'Meara - Benedict Collection No
p. 14 Stan Harrison Lolo Pass Mountain Home No
p. 20 Stan Harrison Leather Artisan Jo-Ann Shaw No
p. 23 Sylvia Rountree Leather Artisan Sylvia Rountree No
p. 26 Stan Harrison Leather Artisan Pat Tyler No
p. 28 Pat Tyler Non-Opening Leather Luggage Yes
p. 30 Stan Harrison Visions of Paridise No
p. 32 Stan Harrison Philadelphia Miniaturia 2016 No
p. 40 Stan Harrison A Whimsical World No
p. 48 No author Gallery - Lee Lefkowitz No
p. 56 Connie Bigelow Shop Talk - CJN Miniatures, Edmond, WA No
p. 58 Connie Bigelow Scented Candles Yes
p. 59 Nancy Jarvis Kid's Corner - Ice Skate Plaque Yes
p. 60 No author Heart of Miniatures No
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No