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There are 25 entries for Miniature Gazette, Jan/Feb, 2018:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 7 Kathy Tepper Moving on to Higher Ground No
p. 10 Cat Wingler How to Make a Caramel Cake No
p. 10 Angela Youngman Minis Depicting Social Concerns No
p. 14 Deb Weissler Dream Sweetly, Wake Happy No
p. 20 Debbie Booth Add Some Love in the Kitchen Yes
p. 22 No author A Showcase of Fine Art No
p. 26 Deb Weissler Casting a new Life No
p. 29 Ruth Stewart Southern Caramel Layer Cake yes
p. 30 Ann Pennypacker 1 Inch Scale Hatbox yes
p. 30 Auralea Krieger A Stylish Mini Dresser Yes
p. 31 Alice Zinn Alice Down the Rabbit Hole yes
p. 34 Lauren C. Nielsen A Collaborative Masterpiece No
p. 38 Suzie Aguilar Club News No
p. 40 No author Artisan Gallery No
p. 42 Suzie Jones A Showcase of Tiny Treasures Good Sam 2017 (Part 1) No
p. 44 Suzie Jones A Showcase of Tiny Treasures Good Sam 2017 (Part 1) No
p. 46 No author Award Winning Miniaturists No
p. 50 Rosemary Hartshorn Rest your Weary Feet yes
p. 54 Deb Weissler House of Legends No
p. 58 Pam North Exotic Locales in Miniature No
p. 63 No author Mini Cutouts No
p. 66 Pam North A Cozy Little Beach House No
p. 72 Gosia Suchodlska Make a Yummy Cheesecake Yes
p. 74 Beth Smale Restoring a Family Treasure No
p. 81 Gosia Suchodlska A Mini Piece of Cake Yes