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There are 37 entries for Miniature Gazette, Nov/Dec, 2016:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 6 Staff Artisan Gallery - Keith Bougourd Yes
p. 6 No author Reader's Forum No
p. 8 Janny Warnaar The Luxury of Past Glory (cover) No
p. 11 Auralea Krieger Beaded Pumpkin Yes
p. 12 Deb Weissler Visiting Chez Madeleine No
p. 18 No author Auction Report - Ron Rhoads No
p. 20 Lauren Nielsen Miniatures on Display No
p. 20 Stan Harrison Kitchen Encounters (cover) No
p. 22 Elise Gillespie Mini Puppet Theatre No
p. 25 No author Seattle Convention yes
p. 26 Caroline Dupuis Cottage Bed Yes
p. 26 Dani Muckleroy Texas Miniature Showcase 2016 No
p. 29 Pam North Adventures in Mini Making No
p. 29 Charlotte Atcher 12 Days of Holiday Fun yes
p. 32 No author Perfection in Miniatures Awards No
p. 34 Linda Maddaford Making a Little Magic No
p. 34 Stan Harrison The Solarium No
p. 36 Staff Holiday Showcase (artisan pieces) No
p. 38 Staff Holiday Showcase (artisan pieces) No
p. 40 John Klapp Mini Checkerboard Table Yes
p. 40 Rhona T. Lee The Dreamer's Trunk No
p. 42 Jessica Armstrong Holiday Packages Yes
p. 43 No author Forever Friends Yes
p. 44 Ryan McAmis Heaven in Small Spaces No
p. 46 (reader submissions) Sci-Fi Fantasy No
p. 50 No author Gallery - Collection of Jayne Sedate No
p. 52 Bradley L. Meinke Christmas Room Box No
p. 58 Olga Arnautova Fantastical Mini Weaving No
p. 59 Carol Durkin Heart of Miniatures No
p. 60 Terrilynn Fox Quillen Kids' Corner - Antique Washboard Yes
p. 63 No author Mini Cutouts - Christmas labels Yes
p. 66 Deb Weissler Cottage Charm No
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 72 Jean Caff Miniature Manger Yes
p. 74 Dani Muckleroy A Showcase of Miniatures No
p. 76 Kris Compas Dining Table Yes
p. 81 Auralea Krieger Holiday Garland Yes