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There are 37 entries for Miniature Gazette, May/Jun, 2016:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 8 Brittany Fuller Is it Real or Is It Miniature? No
p. 11 Deb Weissler A Love for Finer Things No
p. 13 Robin Betterley Robin's Helpful Tips Yes
p. 15 Preble McDaniel Organizing Tips from the NAME Online Groups No
p. 16 Lucie Winsky Mini Quilt Yes
p. 16 No author Auction Report No
p. 18 Stan Harrison Seaclusion (cover) No
p. 20 Brittany Fuller An Array of Furniture Styles No
p. 22 Maria Malmstrom Finnish Hope Chest Yes
p. 24 Paula Setters Driftmyer The Red Shed No
p. 26 Deb Weissler Cabinet House No
p. 26 (reader submissions) Not Quite Finished No
p. 28 Janice Prescott S'Mores Yes
p. 29 Winnifred Schmidt Quarter Inch Scale Lemonade Stand Yes
p. 30 Darlene Carter The St. Louis Dollhouse & Miniature Show No
p. 31 Cat Wingler Embellishing Paper Dolls Yes
p. 32 Emma Filar Small Stories: At Home in a Dollhouse No
p. 35 Sue Giordano Beautiful Bride Yes
p. 40 Brittany Fuller When You Love What You Do No
p. 40 Stan Harrison IGMA Fellows 2015 No
p. 43 Celia Thomas Vintage Style Kitchen Yes
p. 43 No author Hallmark Ornament Contest Winners No
p. 44 Alice Zinn The Flamingo Palm No
p. 48 Alice Zinn Fast-food Containers and Tissue Paper Printies Yes
p. 49 No author Strawberry Shortcake Yes
p. 50 No author Medieval Tapestry Yes
p. 50 No author Gallery No
p. 54 Jo Bevilacqua A Blushing Bridal Store No
p. 54 Pat Newland Heart of Miniatures No
p. 58 Guilherme Holtz Mid Century Dreamin No
p. 61 Kathryn Heaton Kids' Corner - Potted Plant Yes
p. 62 Gabriele Layne Fusing Scales in Miniature No
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 67 No author Mini Cutouts - Envelopes, Letters No
p. 72 Lena Jangren A Mini Shop in Full Bloom No
p. 76 Gayle Baillargeon Threadless Needlepoint Yes
p. 81 Mari Meredith Picnic Table Yes