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There are 64 entries for Miniature Gazette, Nov/Dec, 2015:

Page Author Title How To?
p. Brenda Derr Keeping Miniatures Alive & Well No
p. 8 Deb Weissler Mzia Dsamia's Little Family No
p. 8 Mo Tipton Miniature Bakery (cover) No
p. 12 No author Auction Report - Mary Kaliski Collection No
p. 12 Deb Weissler Counting Down the Days No
p. 14 Paris Renfroe A Miniature Visionary Yes
p. 16 No author The Smallest of the Small No
p. 16 Kelly Murdie Pecan Pie No
p. 18 No author Toy Museum No
p. 20 (reader submissions) One Real & One Replica - Part 2 No
p. 20 Julie Warren A Small Chest with Drawers Yes
p. 22 No author A Small World in each Bauble No
p. 22 No author Dream Board Yes
p. 24 (reader submissions) One Real & One Replica - Part 2 (cont'd.) No
p. 24 Jill Charlton Setting the Table No
p. 26 Donna Henricks Club Fanfare No
p. 26 Karin Eddins-Lambert A Shanty by the Sea No
p. 27 Keith Walker A Mini Fold-Away Table Yes
p. 28 Alanna Quail Embroidery and Dragon Taming No
p. 28 Punya Reddy Club News No
p. 29 Cat Wingler NAME Cutouts Yes
p. 30 Bobbi Allen Dollar Store Treasures - Flowers Yes
p. 31 Marie Bird Miniature Vignette Inside Lighted Wreath Yes
p. 32 Marilyn Verdon Regency Style No
p. 34 Shannon Heydenberk Complimentary Insert - Fall Door Wraps Yes
p. 34 No author A Little Shop with Chic Style No
p. 36 Pat Frost 2016 NAME Day project No
p. 37 Hobby Builder's Supply Mini Tip Contest Winner Yes
p. 38 Dani Muckleroy Texas Miniature Showcase 2015 No
p. 38 Mags Cassidy Make a Stylish Mini Dessert Yes
p. 40 Auralea Krieger A Stocking for the Fireplace Yes
p. 42 Patricia Miller An Endearing Expedition No
p. 42 No author Christmas Showcase No
p. 42 No author Dining Etiquette No
p. 46 No author Christmas Showcase (contd) No
p. 46 Deb Weissler Seasonal Room Boxes No
p. 47 Jo Bevilacqua The Center of the Table Yes
p. 48 No author Gallery - Kathleen Savage Browning Collection No
p. 49 Jo Bevilacqua The Triumph of Saphira No
p. 52 No author A Holly Jolly Little Dollhouse No
p. 52 Pamela Parsons A Changing House No
p. 54 No author Gallery - Kathleen Savage Browning Collection (cont'd.) No
p. 58 Mary Nottingham Heart of Miniatures No
p. 58 No author Fashion is in All Things No
p. 60 Connie Campbell Kids' Corner - Beach Bag Yes
p. 60 Toni Allen Mini Mat (Rug) Yes
p. 62 No author The Future of Miniatures No
p. 62 Joyce Rawcliffe Egg Beater Yes
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 66 Felicity Price Festive House Decor in Mini Yes
p. 66 Paul Davey Historic Reproduction No
p. 68 Lisa Drew A Bag for Traveling Yes
p. 70 Andi Foliet Autumn Vegetables Yes
p. 72 Rebecca Micallef A Stroll Down Regent Street No
p. 74 Gabriele Layne Thanksgiving Shelf No
p. 76 Alison White Traditional Miniatures Yes
p. 76 Jacquie Hall Potted Mums Yes
p. 77 No author Mini Cutouts - Christmas theme Yes
p. 78 Barbie Cohn Andreason Snack Shack No
p. 80 No author Shaker Style Yes
p. 81 B.J. Anthony A Letter From the Captain No
p. 85 No author Snippets - Coffee Shop & Bakery Posters Yes
p. 90 Jodi Towne A Museum Visit Yes
p. 97 No author Djembe Drum Yes