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There are 13 entries for Miniature Gazette, Summer, 1980:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 Letters to the Editor Yes
p. 4 James Johnstone Finishing Mini's is Different (Part 1) -Tools for Holding and Preparing Surfaces Yes
p. 16 Helen Dorsett A Spanish Daybed Frame (New Mexico c.1850) Yes
p. 18 Helen Dorsett Update: Christmas on the G.I. Bill Yes
p. 19 Alex Rankine Charlton House Kitbash Pt 1 Yes
p. 27 Peter F. Westcott Millwork for Miniatures - Chair Rail Yes
p. 27 No author Gingham Baby Quilt Yes
p. 29 Madelyn Cook Beginner's Workshop - Desk in French Mode Yes
p. 33 Jim Jedlicka Installing a Small Fluorescent Light Yes
p. 40 Madelyn Cook Master of Disguise Yes
p. 41 John H. Murphy From Can Opener to Disc Sander Yes
p. 44 Jim Jedlicka A Disc Sander for the Miniaturist's Workbench Yes
p. 48 Shirley Wolfe 1920 Wardrobe Trunk from Paper Yes