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There are 21 entries for Dollhouse Miniatures, 92, 2023:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 7 Deb Weissler Round and Round No
p. 14 Louise Hoffman A Cabinet Collection No
p. 20 DHM Reporter Upholstered Furniture No
p. 20 Lucielle M. Hanson From the Craft Table Yes
p. 22 Barbara Meyer Insects Yes
p. 22 No author Molly Cromwell No
p. 26 Auralea Krieger A Shop Full of Stories No
p. 26 Fran Casselman Japanese Potting Shed Yes
p. 28 Michael Goethals Books for Professor Dumbledore's Office Yes
p. 36 Tanja Jensen Mini Pancakes Yes
p. 38 Marilyn Clark Miniature Bedding No
p. 44 No author Artist of Many Trades (continued) No
p. 46 Joan McKenzie Artist of Many Trades No
p. 52 Debra Kirby Dollhouse on Display No
p. 58 Moi Ali Creating a Vision No
p. 60 No author Porcelain Miniatures No
p. 64 No author Little Letters No
p. 66 Annette McDermott A Bygone Era (cover) No
p. 68 Annette McDermott A Bygone Era (continued) No
p. 76 Kendra Sechovec Gilded Frames Yes
p. 81 No author Mini Cutouts Yes