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There are 13 entries for Dollhouse Miniatures, 89, 2022:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 Suzanne Crowley A French Country Kitchen (cover) No
p. 14 Sandra Gurney Turner From Scratch No
p. 20 Joan McKenzie Miniature Children No
p. 26 Joan McKenzie A Collaboration No
p. 34 Charlotte Merryman A Passion to Create No
p. 40 Sherrill Necessary Egg Carton Masonry Yes
p. 44 Susan Bukowski Caco Baby Dolls No
p. 52 Alyssa Ann Heller A Miniature Stage Yes
p. 58 Lone Schacksen Make a Panel Door Yes
p. 66 Connie Sauve The Fox Tavern & Inn No
p. 76 Auralea Krieger A Fall Harvest No
p. 78 Kristina Truter-Golightly A Secret Garden No
p. 81 No author Mini Cutouts - placemats Yes