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There are 15 entries for Dollhouse Miniatures, 88, 2022:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 7 Deb Weissler The Botanists's Folly No
p. 14 Ana Svetlana A Patio in Provence No
p. 20 Joan McKenzie Paying Tribute No
p. 22 Connie Sauve Frame for a Display Yes
p. 26 Joan McKenzie Nonna's Kitchen No
p. 34 Connie Sauve Scene with a Story No
p. 44 Auralea Krieger A Tiny Townhouse No
p. 48 No author Game of Chess No
p. 49 No author Initial Impressions Yes
p. 50 Alice Monroe A Picnic Basket Yes
p. 52 Pam North Design Studio No
p. 58 Sandra Harding The Suffragette House No
p. 66 Deb Weissler Chateau de l'Amour No
p. 76 Sandra Harding Inspirational French Chateau No
p. 81 No author Mini Cutouts Yes