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There are 22 entries for Dollhouse Miniatures, 84, 2021:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 8 Deb Weissler Chateau Boudoir No
p. 9 Terri Correll Half inch Christmas Retreat She Shed No
p. 10 Barb Antol Captain Jack Scene No
p. 12 Bob Moorhead New Member No
p. 15 Kim McCool Make a Mini Doll Yes
p. 16 James Orpher My Little Town No
p. 20 Sharon Doddroe From Russia with Love No
p. 20 Kirsten Enzinger Gram's Apron Yes
p. 24 Cheryl Hubbard Quarter Inch Tiki Torch for NAME Day Tiki Bar Yes
p. 26 Dia Crissey-Baum Witch Vanity Yes
p. 28 Roberta Lois Goldberg Collector's Corner No
p. 30 Pam North A House with a Dragon No
p. 36 Joan McKenzie Holiday Room Box No
p. 36 Lynn Hess Micro Mini Houses No
p. 40 Natalia Frank Interview with an Artist No
p. 44 Connie Sauve A Trip to the Lake No
p. 50 Jere Friedman Hannah's House No
p. 58 Sadie Brown Keeping Stories Alive No
p. 66 Deb Weissler Chateau du Grand-Luce No
p. 72 Ken Hamilton Distressed Plaster Yes
p. 76 Jill Frank Kassander Miniature White House No
p. 81 No author Mini Cutouts Yes