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There are 23 entries for Dollhouse Miniatures, Jul/Aug, 2018:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 1 No author Cover No
p. 7 Sadie Brown Joy in the Details No
p. 10 Pam North Belmont Dollhouse (cover) No
p. 20 Pam North Creating Works of Art No
p. 23 Kristie Norman At the Library yes
p. 26 Sadie Brown America's 1st President No
p. 29 Brian Hughes Name Day History No
p. 30 NAME Day 2018 Committee NAME Day 2018 Desk Assembly yes
p. 32 No author Artisan Showcase (Miniature Show) No
p. 34 Lauren Nielsen The Miniature Show No
p. 38 Felicity Price Stitch a Rug No
p. 40 Deb Weissler Tahitian Room Box No
p. 43 Deb Weissler Apartment in the Dakotas No
p. 46 Troy Bettridge Vintage Miniatures No
p. 50 Marion Osborne Dollhouse Stories No
p. 55 No author Artisan Showcase (Miniature Show) No
p. 56 Jose Pereira Torrejon Gypsy Wagon Circus No
p. 63 No author Mini Cutouts - Art Modern and Nursery Yes
p. 66 No author History of the Chair No
p. 72 No author Art Deco Design Yes
p. 73 Christina Ludlam Mini Steak Pie Yes
p. 74 Dana Venetian Ball Gown Yes
p. 81 No author Dollhouse Pets No