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There are 33 entries for Dollhouse Miniatures, Jan/Feb, 2017:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 8 Bradley Meinke A Vintage Find Like No Other No
p. 10 No author Auction Report - Ron Rhoads No
p. 12 No author The Art and Mystery of the Dollhouse (cover) No
p. 12 Pam North Cityscapes in Miniature No
p. 17 Carol Durkin Out of the Way Finds in Peru No
p. 18 Anne Day Smith Fruits of the Loom No
p. 20 No author Good Sam Showcase of Minis No
p. 22 Stan Harrison IGMA Artisans and Fellows for 2016 No
p. 22 Linda Cummings Little Box Full of Love yes
p. 26 Deb Weissler Recapturing Childhood No
p. 28 Jo Moore Stewart Peacock House No
p. 29 Keith Walker A Writing desk with Style yes
p. 30 Marcia Beardsley Flower Fairy Doll Yes
p. 32 Connie Sauve Mixing Your Paint No
p. 32 Renee Biermann Club Fanfare No
p. 34 Rebecca Micallef A Charming Historic Cottage No
p. 36 No author NAME Day 2017 No
p. 36 (reader submissions) Expressions of Faith and Inspiration No
p. 38 Moira Chaplin Sweet Mini Pillows yes
p. 40 Natalie Heath A Delicious Creative Outlet No
p. 42 Thomas Norpell A Miniature for President Carter No
p. 43 Kris Compas Shabby Chic Curtains yes
p. 46 Pam North Vintage Worlds of Perfection No
p. 48 No author Gallery - Jayne Sedate No
p. 52 Caroline Dupuis A Very Special Mini Delivery yes
p. 54 No author A Lady's Study within a Lantern No
p. 56 No author Make s Stylish Mini Lantern yes
p. 58 Belen Badia The 15 Rooms of La Bagatelle No
p. 60 No author Heart of Miniatures No
p. 61 Kathryn Heaton Kid's Corner - Mini Brushes Yes
p. 63 No author Mini Cutouts yes
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 77 Auralea Krieger Modern Roof Shingles yes