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There are 48 entries for Dollhouse Miniatures, May/Jun, 2012:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 10 Jo Bevilacqua Outdoor Fireplace Yes
p. 10 Cary Yerves Tex-Mex No
p. 12 Mary Kaliski Philly Exhibits No
p. 14 Marilyn Greene My 1920s Dollhouse No
p. 15 Cary Yerves Welcome Podium Yes
p. 18 No author Miniature Showcase No
p. 18 Mary Kaliski Wildlife Artist Beth Freeman-Kane No
p. 20 T. A. Gozeski No-Sew Rug Yes
p. 20 Alice Zinn The CAMP No
p. 20 Martha Puff All Steampunk No
p. 22 Carol Huffman Art Deco No
p. 26 Traci Nigon Brazillian Artist - Marcia Benatti No
p. 26 Diane Birnberg Ristorante Palermo at Smallsea: A Metropolis in Miniature No
p. 28 Marcia Benatti Crochet Doilies Yes
p. 28 Ginger Bryant Erik Goddard: Classic, Modern, Japanese, Fantasy No
p. 29 Francisco del Pozo Pares Bathroom Sink Yes
p. 30 Kay Shipp Aging an Eye Yes
p. 32 Deb Weissler The Burrow No
p. 32 No author Sarasota Miniature Festival No
p. 34 Deb Weissler Provencal Charm No
p. 35 No author Scott Magazines and Needlework Books Yes
p. 37 Mary Lou Nehilla Pussy Willow Critters Yes
p. 38 No author Cats in the Dollhouse, Part 2 No
p. 40 Martha Puff Versatile Ventures No
p. 40 Ericka Van Horn Steampunked No
p. 46 Kristopher Buchan Shop Talk - Groton Hobby Shop No
p. 46 Carol Rosenthal Darling Tulips Yes
p. 48 Mary Kaliski Gallery - Joan Warren collection No
p. 52 Martha Puff Butterfly Fun No
p. 53 Traci Nigon A Resource on a Famous House No
p. 54 Martha Puff Lori Ann Potts No
p. 57 Nanci Jarvis Kid's Corner - Cat Clock Yes
p. 60 Marianne Colijn Brocante Crib Yes
p. 62 Carol Rosenthal Perfect Laser-cut Ferns Yes
p. 62 Vera Blair Making Rosettes Yes
p. 64 Tom Walden Tom's Tools Yes
p. 65 Pamela J. Carter's Mercantile No
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 72 Jan Stuart Baskets of Beauty Yes
p. 72 Kat Hazelton Carpet Bag Yes
p. 75 No author Mini Chair Affair No
p. 76 Bridget McCarty Tin Boxes Yes
p. 77 Bridget McCarty Mini Cutouts - Cat Tins Yes
p. 81 Ron Seibert Re-Creating the 1930s No
p. 85 No author Snippets - Steampunk & Food Labels Yes
p. 90 Barbie Cohn Andreason Kosher Kitchen No
p. 92 Sandra Mirque A Merry Unbirthday No
p. 97 Marianne Colijn Kiddie Cupcakes Yes