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There are 47 entries for Dollhouse Miniatures, Jan/Feb, 2012:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 4 No author Letters No
p. 6 Deb Weissler Sheik of Chic No
p. 6 Becky Winsor Dolls Galore No
p. 10 T. A. Gozeski Silver from Gold Yes
p. 10 Vera Blair Soldering Lamps Yes
p. 16 Suzanne C. Crowley Tom Roberts, A Legend in Miniatures No
p. 18 Mari Meredith Home Appliances Yes
p. 20 Barbara Jones Good Sam Gallery No
p. 22 Arla Johnson Annie Mok's Mini Era Studio in Hong Kong No
p. 22 Barbara Jones Good Sam Gallery, contd. No
p. 23 Annie Mok Make a Clay Tulip Yes
p. 24 Marge Powell Iris Nedza's Dollhouse Stories No
p. 25 Barbara Jones Good Sam Gallery, contd. No
p. 27 No author Remembering Marcia No
p. 28 Mary Kaliski I.G.M.A. Showtime Report No
p. 28 Marianne Colijn Comfort Food Yes
p. 30 Michael Paul Smith Elgin Park No
p. 30 Tom Walden Tom's Tool Box Yes
p. 34 No author Out of the Way Places No
p. 35 No author Complimentary Insert - MC Covers Yes
p. 36 Sue Dubowi Build a Custom Fireplace Yes
p. 37 Susan Grimshaw Recognizing the Work of Warren Dick No
p. 38 No author A Little Bit of Quarter Scale No
p. 38 Martha Puff Beautiful Textures Yes
p. 43 Lorraine Robinson Make a Hat, Bonnet and Parasol Yes
p. 46 No author Gallery No
p. 46 Martha Puff Fanciful Structures No
p. 50 Mary Ciccolella Noisemakers Yes
p. 52 Mo Tipton Polish Paczki Yes
p. 54 Rik Pierce Make a Fancy Roof Yes
p. 58 Libby Goodman Vintage Discoveries - No
p. 58 Mo Tipton Holiday Food No
p. 59 No author Mini Cutouts - DM covers Yes
p. 61 Martha Puff Mini Art and Art Dolls No
p. 62 Pat Vick Kids' Corner - Candles Yes
p. 65 Judy Inglis Hey Jude No
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 68 No author Showcase No
p. 69 Marianne Colijn Knitted Scarves Yes
p. 71 Barbara Jones Workshops, Kits and Exhibits (Good Sam Showcase) No
p. 73 Barbara Jones Workshops, Kits and Exhibits (Good Sam Showcase) contd. No
p. 74 Barbie Cohn Andreason Observing Shabbat No
p. 78 Viola Williams Design a Ladies' Hat Yes
p. 82 Clark Britton In a Nutshell - Time for Some Tea No
p. 90 Jan Stuart Choosing Rulers Yes
p. 93 Carmen Naran Mini Aquarium Yes
p. 97 Anna Maltauro Salami Board Yes