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There are 61 entries for Dollhouse Miniatures, Nov, 2005:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 6 No author Nutshell News: White House in Miniature at the Truman Museum No
p. 9 Nertha Gaal 144th Scale Matchbox Scenes Yes
p. 10 No author Nutshell News: More Witches Gather Yes
p. 11 No author Ad photo No
p. 11 No author New Products No
p. 12 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 12 No author Thanksgiving Feast No
p. 14 No author Auction Report No
p. 15 Keith Long Clifton House Revisited No
p. 16 Modern Miniatures No
p. 16 Deb Weissler Renaissance Man Yes
p. 17 Larry Marshall Small Steps: Router Basics Part 2 Yes
p. 20 Libby Goodman Vintage Discoveries: An American Beauty No
p. 22 Mary Kaliski Just Dolls No
p. 22 Helen Cottrell Box Clever Yes
p. 23 Various Paper, Paper, Paper - Readers' Projects Yes
p. 24 Phyllis Tucker Ray Storey Lighting & Glass No
p. 24 Joann Swanson An Ode to Still Lifes Yes
p. 26 Lenora Smith NAME Earrings & Pin Yes
p. 26 Marcia Beardsley Quarter Inch Scale Snowman Window Yes
p. 26 Michelle Canada Gourd Birdhouse Yes
p. 27 Lanita Cornwall Show Report Mayfest 2005 No
p. 27 Lanita Cornwall Show Report Mayfest 2005 No
p. 27 Debby Basaraba Quarter Inch Scale The Slice of Life Bed Yes
p. 27 No author NAME Cutouts Yes
p. 29 Robin Betterley Creativity 101 Yes
p. 30 Susan Grimshaw Double Room Treasure No
p. 32 Susan Grimshaw Chestnut Hill Studios No
p. 32 Martha Puff Kay Shipp, Doll Artisan No
p. 33 Paul Pape Paper Model Making Yes
p. 34 No author White House No
p. 36 Ruth Bromley Brooke Tucker's Down Under Experience No
p. 36 Ruth Armstrong Cobre Community Church: Part 2 Yes
p. 36 Polly Hackett-Morey 1950s Christmas Coloring Book Yes
p. 36 Carolyn Eiche Holiday Pies Yes
p. 37 Kaye Meldrum Gay 90s Crepe Paper Dress Yes
p. 38 Signe Alvarstein Half Scale How To Yes
p. 39 Anne Day Smith Updating an Antique Art No
p. 39 Mary Kaliski Center Insert No
p. 39 Polly Hackett-Morey Peddler Doll - Dress & Cape Yes
p. 40 Peggy Long Family Album Yes
p. 41 Lisa Neault Paper Curtains Yes
p. 42 Mary Kaliski Yes, They're Brothels! No
p. 42 Ginger Landon Siegel A 3-D house Project Yes
p. 44 Stephanie Finnegan Tiny Landscapes, Big Dreams No
p. 49 Pat Vick Vick's Classic Auto Repairs No
p. 50 Elles Leenders Three Styles Yes
p. 50 Mary Kaliski Gallery No
p. 54 Penny Herbst Just Precious Leather Miniatures No
p. 56 Cheryl Ashelin Chinese Checkers Yes
p. 58 Jane Freeman Steel and Shattered Glass No
p. 58 No author The Blue House No
p. 60 Helen Cottrell Matchbox Magic Yes
p. 61 No author Ad photo No
p. 66 Annelle Ferguson Cross-Stitch a Small Pillow Yes
p. 66 Cheryl Ashelin A Hunting We Will Go Yes
p. 69 No author Snippets - Veteran's Day Yes
p. 72 No author Ad photo No
p. 74 No author Through the Looking Glass (photo) No
p. 76 Cynthia Howe Mayflower Madam Yes
p. 90 Tom Berkner Ask the Experts Yes