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There are 40 entries for Dollhouse Miniatures, Oct, 2005:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 8 Daphne Coldenhoff Chrysanthemums Yes
p. 8 No author Nutshell News - Kit Review No
p. 9 Jacqueline Rupp Display Case: The 1900's House No
p. 11 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 12 No author New Products No
p. 14 Libby Goodman Vintage Discoveries: Surprising Companions No
p. 14 Mary Kaliski One Thing Leads to Another No
p. 16 Larry Marshall Small Steps: Mastering the Dremel Router Table Yes
p. 20 Helen Cottrell Spooky! Yes
p. 20 Tamara Greeman Missing Thorne Rooms No
p. 22 Joann Swanson A Haunted House Yes
p. 22 Mary Kaliski Always Something New No
p. 22 Elles Leenders Bearly Scary Yes
p. 25 Hanna Kahl-Hyland My Favorite Tools No
p. 26 Mabel, Mabel, Set the Table No
p. 30 Jane Freeman Conversation Pieces: Unusual Scenes in Miniature No
p. 32 Martha Puff Spirit Hill No
p. 32 Ted Roubal Ted's Lamps and More! No
p. 34 Ted Roubal Realistic Sturdy Sinks and Tubs Project - Ted Roubal Yes
p. 34 Kiva Atkinson Gourds A Plenty Yes
p. 36 Penny Herbst Missions in Their Hearts, Miniatures in Their Hands No
p. 38 Patsy Morris Half Scale Library Yes
p. 40 Martha Puff A Gathering of Witches No
p. 40 Carla de Witte Easy Arm Chair Yes
p. 43 Lydia Benedict Tasty Treats for Small Spooks Yes
p. 46 Patricia Paul Once Upon a Workshop No
p. 50 Nertha Gaal 1:144 Scale Autumn Scene Yes
p. 51 Inga Norden Create Victorian Collector's Displays Yes
p. 52 Laurel Bowen Nancy's Many Talents No
p. 54 Anne Day Smith A Mini 'World of our Own' No
p. 55 Nancy Wantiez Punch Needle Rug Yes
p. 56 Diane Costanza Baby Bunting Yes
p. 57 Ruth Armstrong Cobre Community Church: Part 1 Yes
p. 58 No author Gallery No
p. 59 Arla Johnson Bloomin' Easy No
p. 62 Sue Giordano Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Yes
p. 73 Caroline Simpson Kids' Corner - Bird Nest Yes
p. 76 Randy Powell Pepper's Ghost Yes
p. 78 Cheryl Ashelin Mummy Graveyard Yes
p. 82 No author Through the Looking Glass No