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There are 51 entries for Dollhouse Miniatures, Feb, 2004:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 6 Maud Dean Mini Tips N Tricks No
p. 10 Richard Jennings Open House - Diane Piziali No
p. 10 Libby Goodman Vintage Discoveries No
p. 12 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 16 Mary Kaliski Ann Meehan's Antiques No
p. 16 Jane Freeman The Jane Files - A Television Love Story No
p. 20 No author Meet the Maker - Phillis Turner No
p. 23 Ann Meehan Ann's Tips on Collecting Antiques No
p. 24 Mary Kaliski 2003 IGMA Fellows No
p. 25 Chris Walton Puppy Love Yes
p. 26 Diane Bogos Arts and Crafts Roombox No
p. 26 Kimberly Button The Old Salem Toy Museum No
p. 28 Diane Bogos Needlepoint a Pillow Yes
p. 30 Ronnie Godfrey Needlework Yes
p. 30 Mary Kaliski Dog Tales No
p. 32 Nick Forder Gilded Beauty No
p. 34 Joyce Dean In the Workshop - Chair Yes
p. 36 Sue Giordano Polymer Clay Workshop Yes
p. 36 Laurel Bowen Handkerchief Mannequins No
p. 36 Carol J. Becwar The Art of Glass No
p. 38 Dougless Strickland Bitler Porches Across America No
p. 38 Maggie Pernice China Shop Showcase No
p. 40 No author Good Sam Show No
p. 40 Ron Chase Make a Stained Glass window Yes
p. 42 Joann L. Swanson 14 Heavenly Hearts Yes
p. 46 No author Good Sam Show, contd. No
p. 47 Roger DeKoster Tips on Building No
p. 48 Janet Potter D'Amato Build a Roombox for your Valentine Yes
p. 49 Patsy Morris Half Scale Valentine Vignette Yes
p. 49 Deb Stenholm Center Insert No
p. 50 Hazel M. Jeffords Teacup Collection in quarter inch scale Yes
p. 52 Linda Master Make a Delicate 1 in scale folding Hand Fan Yes
p. 54 No author Hobbit House (Rik Pierce) No
p. 54 Barbara Guyette Cozy Fleece Throw Yes
p. 55 Brenda Hopper Knit a Dainty Jacket Yes
p. 56 Lou Geary Carousel How To Yes
p. 56 Pat Vick Prepare a Chinese Meal Yes
p. 58 Joan Wheatley Whimsical Forest Dwelling Yes
p. 60 No author Lover's Room No
p. 60 Pauline Mackenzie The Mawson Hut No
p. 62 Michele Carter Valentine Treats Yes
p. 62 No author Show Scene No
p. 64 No author Show Scene No
p. 66 Sydney Collier Snippets Valentine Printies Yes
p. 72 Marianne van Beelen Potpourri Gifts Yes
p. 76 Heather Lynn Isaacs Cupid's Cozy Corner Yes
p. 79 No author Ad Photo No
p. 82 Tom Berkner Ask the Experts Yes
p. 88 No author Gallery No
p. 89 No author Shop Visit Yes
p. 106 No author Through the Looking Glass No