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There are 49 entries for Dollhouse Miniatures, Nov, 2002:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 5 No author Meet the Maker - Susan Harmon No
p. 8 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 11 Eve Karoblis-Mabe Do-It! Yes
p. 12 Rebecca Bryden Claudette Silas a Passion for Minis Yes
p. 14 Esther Robertson Fascination with Impressionism No
p. 18 Tom Berkner Ask the Experts Yes
p. 20 Mary Kaliski Joan Maher, Fellow in Florals No
p. 21 Jan Clarke Create a Charming outfit for a 4 inch Doll Yes
p. 22 Barbara Schuckman Chanukah a Festival of Lights No
p. 24 Joann L. Swanson Cozy Kitchen Yes
p. 25 Chris Walton Make a Holiday Cake from Plastic Buttons Yes
p. 26 Rebecca Bryden My Romantic Getaway Yes
p. 26 Mary Lou Santovec Two-Inch Scale Mystery at Ball State No
p. 30 No author Tons Of Teddies No
p. 33 Pat Cutforth Chaise is All the Rage Yes
p. 34 Mary Kaliski Finding a Dollhouse for Leah No
p. 36 Arla Johnson The Beauty of Bufoam Yes
p. 40 Linda Master No Ski Bunny Yes
p. 41 No author Make Pumpkins for your Bufoam Patch of Soil Yes
p. 41 Jan Redfield Tiny Tips Yes
p. 42 Alice Zinn Runners for All Seasons Yes
p. 42 Anne Huizenga Center Insert Yes
p. 44 Celeste Ng Pineapple Cake Yes
p. 46 John T. Jacobsen Basic Tips on Materials and Tools No
p. 48 Pat Moore A Letter to Share No
p. 49 No author Ad photo No
p. 50 Michele Carter Look to Nature for Perfect Flowers No
p. 53 Rick Johnson Mini Cutouts - Thanksgiving Kitchen Yes
p. 54 Bonnie Lavish Porch in a Book Yes
p. 54 Angela Tringali Angela's Miniature World No
p. 60 Jane Freeman Mix & Match Yes
p. 60 Linda Burhenne Kit Scrap Magic No
p. 61 No author Gallery No
p. 62 Rebecca Bryden Friends make Most of a Mini Weekend No
p. 62 Jan Redfield Tiny Tips Yes
p. 62 Kaye Burlason Nothing Finer than Pine Yes
p. 64 Bonni Backe Autumn Accents Yes
p. 66 Laurie Sisson Snippets Yes
p. 67 Helen Cottrell Flowerpot Santa Yes
p. 67 Joanne Weinberg Going in Circles Yes
p. 67 Grace Shaw Teatime Yes
p. 68 Briar Picchietti Kitchen Shelf is Fun to Make Yes
p. 73 Rebecca Bryden Kit Reviews No
p. 74 No author What a Scream Yes
p. 80 Pat Cutforth Room with a View of the Country Yes
p. 82 No author Through The Looking Glass No
p. 87 No author Book Reviews No
p. 92 Connie Stitt Create a Thanksgiving Centerpiece Yes
p. 98 Briar Picchietti My Top 40 Tips Yes