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There are 23 entries for Dollhouse Miniatures, Sep, 1999:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 5 No author Editor's Tip No
p. 6 No author Errata No
p. 14 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 16 Mary Kaliski 1999 Masterpieces in Miniature No
p. 22 Barbara Aardema Upholstered furniture from Tudor to Today Yes
p. 22 Jane D. Lange The Artists' Way No
p. 26 Bill March MC Designer Dollhouse Pt IV, Wallpapering Yes
p. 28 Lauran Stevens Greene Collection Under the Hammer Pt II No
p. 30 Kristen Scheuing Silversmiths at Tee Ridder Museum No
p. 32 Anne Day Smith Putting Food By No
p. 36 Sally B. Wallace Dreams Do Come True No
p. 42 Maggie Pernice The Dressmaker's Shop (Artisan's Showcase) No
p. 44 Carilyn Teichman Center Insert - Victorian Millinery Yes
p. 46 Marta Bender Birds of a Feather No
p. 48 Anne Day Smith Tom Fletcher's Dollhouses: Tributes to Ancestry and Flights of Fancy Yes
p. 52 Fred Stephenson Making Miniature Moldings Yes
p. 54 No author Show Report No
p. 58 Peter F. Westcott Decked Out in Deco Yes
p. 59 No author Gallery No
p. 59 Kitty Mackey 1 Inch Scale Hat Boxes Yes
p. 62 Jim Slocum Confessions of an Addict No
p. 68 No author Workshop Wisdom No
p. 82 Jane D. Lange Last Look - Saying Grace No