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There are 31 entries for Dollhouse Miniatures, Nov, 1997:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 12 Advertisement No
p. 14 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 15 Reader's Speak No
p. 18 Mary Kaliski Sharolyn Lanford: Student, Teacher and Crafter No
p. 22 Mary Kaliski Adele Moros: The Portable Painter No
p. 26 Miki Gilliland Glenda's English Thatched Cottages No
p. 30 Glenda Cunningham English Cottages, Brick and Stone Techniques Yes
p. 32 No author Christmastime with Frank Bruno & Kathy Koch No
p. 34 Sue Heaser Floral Centerpiece & Candlesticks Yes
p. 36 Katharine Johnson Millions of Minis, Ron's Miniature Shop No
p. 38 Bruce Steinke You 'Tin' Make a 1/4 inch Scale Roombox Yes
p. 40 Mary Kaliski The Kupjack Miniatures Legacy No
p. 41 Janet Granger Try Your Hand at a Grrrr-reat Tiger Skin Rug Yes
p. 44 Kitty Mackey Make a 1 inch Scale Wooden Dower Chest Yes
p. 44 Anne Huizenga Center Pullout Yes
p. 46 Kitty Mackey The Eclectic Chessington Plaza No
p. 48 Marjorie Adams Flower Painting Techniques, Papier-Mache Tray Project, Pt 2 Yes
p. 50 Edna Merritt Tiny Treats from Buttons and Beads Yes
p. 52 Mary Kaliski Guild Show East 1997 No
p. 53 Mary Kaliski Guild Show East 1997 No
p. 55 Terrilynn Fox Quillen Mini Tips & Tricks Yes
p. 56 Arla Johnson Model Magic in the Miniature Kitchen Yes
p. 56 Mary Kaliski Gallery No
p. 58 Tom Norpell A Picture Perfect Midwestern Barn Yes
p. 58 Mary Kaliski Gallery No
p. 61 Mary Kaliski Gallery No
p. 62 Dougless Strickland Bitler Miss Hitty's Journal No
p. 66 Deb Moran A Sweet Pair - Raggedy Ann & Andy Yes
p. 75 No author Editor's Holiday Gift Boutique No
p. 77 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes
p. 94 Kay Melchisedech Olson Punch a Bunch of Tulips (Quick & Easy) Yes