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There are 42 entries for Dollhouse Miniatures, Sep, 1997:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 13 Small Accomplishments No
p. 16 Ad No
p. 18 Ad No
p. 18 Lauran Stevens Sleuthing with Sherlock Holmes Contest No
p. 20 Mary Kaliski Nanette Finger: Crafter and Collector No
p. 22 New Products No
p. 26 Ad No
p. 26 Wayne Wolfe Elf House and Privy No
p. 28 Christine Paul Preserving History in Miniature No
p. 30 Anne Day Smith Ann Brownbridge Folk Art Painting No
p. 34 Mary Brett 1950s Dollhouse Accessories by Irwin No
p. 35 Pamela Scott Make a Roombox House Purse Yes
p. 38 Mary Kaliski Louisa's Miniatures Capture Her Spirit No
p. 42 Polly Hackett-Morey Center Pullout - Bootiful Halloween Boxes No
p. 43 Rebecca Rhoades Jointed Teddy Bear Yes
p. 43 Dorothy Durney Strolling Outfit from Journal Des Demoiselles, July 1895 Yes
p. 45 Kay Melchisedech Olson Striped Baby Afghan (easy) Yes
p. 46 Maggie Pernice Artisan's Showcase No
p. 48 Arla Johnson A Tisket A Tasket No Need to Weave a Basket Yes
p. 48 Dorothy Durney Three Victorian Boys Yes
p. 51 Teri Otterson Faux Tile Floor Yes
p. 51 Mary Kaliski Tom Bishop's Chicago Show No
p. 51 Pat Boldt Meg The Sunflower Girl Yes
p. 52 Mary Kaliski Tom Bishop's Chicago Show, contd. No
p. 54 Peter F. Westcott Mission-style hanging shelf Yes
p. 54 Dorothy Durney 1989 Afternoon Dress Yes
p. 57 Sue Heaser Cuckoo Clock Yes
p. 57 Mary Kaliski Gallery, Phila. Miniaturia No
p. 58 Mary Kaliski Gallery, Phila. Miniaturia, contd. No
p. 58 Joy Parker Lace Baby Shawl Yes
p. 61 Nancy Braley Bartosek Renovating a Dollhouse Yes
p. 61 Mary Kaliski Gallery, Phila. Miniaturia, contd. No
p. 62 Mary Kaliski Gallery, Phila. Miniaturia contd. No
p. 71 Jim Newman Workshop Wisdom Yes
p. 74 No author Show Scene No
p. 75 Kitty Mackey Mini Cutouts Yes
p. 75 Show Scene No
p. 77 Bonnie Soucek Seashell PLanter (Easy) No
p. 81 Loretta Kasza Elegant French Couple in Half Inch Scale Yes
p. 83 Ad photo No
p. 85 Judy Campanella Faux Beading Yes
p. 90 Louisa Padilla Acorn Baby Yes