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There are 22 entries for American Miniaturist, 204, 2020:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 6 Tanja Jensen Flaky croissants yes
p. 10 Gail Hart Smaller scale houses No
p. 12 Sadie Brown Easter dessert yes
p. 14 No author A miniature pet No
p. 16 Deb Weissler Fairies in the woodland No
p. 25 Amanda Wilson Auricula display yes
p. 28 Eva Perendreu A perfect summer day No
p. 33 Dana Burton Doll dressing yes
p. 42 Karen Hritz Window blinds yes
p. 45 Jodi Hippler Brick fireplace yes
p. 50 No author Spring showcase No
p. 52 No author Spring showcase (contd.) No
p. 55 Kiva Atkinson Whimsical food No
p. 60 Michell Bryant Card soldiers yes
p. 64 Kris Compas Contemporary range yes
p. 76 Martha Bates Smaller scale food truck No
p. 80 Frances Roe Historical inspiration No
p. 84 Ronnie Godfrey Train for the nursery yes
p. 85 No author Snippets yes
p. 90 Debbie Booth Mini quilting yes
p. 93 Randall Castle Kitchen hutch yes
p. 95 No author Spring tutorials yes