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There are 69 entries for American Miniaturist, 153, 2016:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 7 Kim Selwood Tips on Working with Woods Yes
p. 8 Erzsebet Bodzas Miniature Pantry No
p. 9 Terrilynn Fox Quillen Mini Tips 'N' Tricks Yes
p. 10 Pat Frost The Bedroom NAME Day 2016 No
p. 10 Deb Weissler Miniature Kits form the Past No
p. 10 No author Auction Report - Theriault's No
p. 11 Sandy Millar Bunka Rug Yes
p. 12 Carol Durkin Family Lake House (Cover) No
p. 13 Cat Wingler Home Life in the 1920s No
p. 14 Sue Winter Heat Up Your Dollhouse Yes
p. 14 No author Miniatures in Film No
p. 16 Roz Walters A Cardigan to Stay Cozy Yes
p. 16 Anne Day Smith It Is All Right for Elizabeth Gazmuri No
p. 16 No author Hot Air Balloon No
p. 17 Georgia Matuschak Copying can be Satisfying No
p. 18 No author Party (Reader Submissions) No
p. 19 No author Floral Arrangement yes
p. 20 Marilyn Ekle 1868 Barn Replica No
p. 20 Tatjana Raum Sculpting a World of Mystery No
p. 23 No author Party (Reader Submissions) No
p. 24 Kay Felde Ann and Andy's No
p. 24 Auralea Krieger Setting the Table is Fun Yes
p. 24 Steve Putnam Brambly Hedge No
p. 25 Pat Frost NAME Day 2015 Window Shopping No
p. 26 Suzie Jones Good Sam Showcase No
p. 26 Ruth Hontert My Tea Room No
p. 27 Cat Wingler Home Life in the 1920s - Embellishing Paper Dolls Yes
p. 28 Various Room for All Occasions Yes
p. 28 Pat Frost Good Enough to Live In No
p. 29 Suzie Jones Good Sam Showcase, contd. No
p. 31 Tim James History of Bathrooms No
p. 32 Suzie Jones Good Sam Showcase, contd. No
p. 34 Suzie Jones Good Sam Showcase, contd. No
p. 34 No author Complimentary Insert Yes
p. 35 Edna Salt Miniature Blankets yes
p. 36 Deb Weissler Glamorous Mini Sculptures No
p. 37 Dena Hamlin Recycled into Miniatures Yes
p. 37 Anne Day Smith Cristina Minischetti No
p. 39 Cristina Minischetti Mosaic Magic Yes
p. 39 Gabriele Layne Vanity Shelf No
p. 40 Julie Warren Taking the Miniature Leap No
p. 40 Shannon Moore Orlando Miniaturia No
p. 42 Pauline Smith Victorian Cottage No
p. 44 Gideon Wolf A Natural Miniature Artist No
p. 44 Donna Juhl The Lucky Draw No
p. 46 Pipi Turner The House that Pipi Built No
p. 46 No author Gallery - Swedish Wooden Toys No
p. 52 Jo Bevilacqua The Making of a Potter's Village No
p. 52 Nathalie Mori A Mask for the Ball yes
p. 54 No author Shop Talk - Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart No
p. 56 No author Itty Bits Yes
p. 58 Donald Morcone Mastery of the Fine Scale No
p. 58 Shelley Barchanowitz-Goldberg Heart of Miniatures No
p. 58 Chris Machen The Thornhill No
p. 61 Kris Compas A Little Desk for a Lady Yes
p. 61 Kathy Nelson Kids' Corner - Vanity Stool Yes
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 66 Deb Weissler Japanese Geishas No
p. 67 No author Mini Cutouts No
p. 70 Thamer Basim Time-Worn Room Box No
p. 72 David Hartshorn Step Up for a Challenge Yes
p. 74 Liz Jones Mini Outhouse yes
p. 76 Julie Warren Make a Mini Worktable Yes
p. 77 Ronnie Godfrey Star Trek Uniform Yes
p. 81 Darlene Litch In a Nutshell Yes
p. 82 No author Beauty Salon No
p. 85 No author Snippets No
p. 90 Carol Newman Gazebo Getaway Yes
p. 97 Mandy Groves New Year's Resolution No