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There are 57 entries for American Miniaturist, 143, 2015:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 6 No author Minimail No
p. 7 No author A Sleeper for Baby Yes
p. 9 Rik Pierce Duddingwell Yes
p. 10 Ambria Campbell Kids' Corner - Overnight Bag Yes
p. 10 Mercedes Spencer Easter in the Antiques Barn No
p. 12 No author Auction Report - Cookie Ziemba collection No
p. 14 Connie Sauve Cold One, Eh? No
p. 16 No author History in the Making No
p. 16 Amanda Phillips Cinnamon Rolls Yes
p. 18 Debbie Young A House for Mary No
p. 18 Monica La Porta Quarter Inch Condo No
p. 20 Mary Kaliski Retirement in Tuscany No
p. 20 Martha Puff There's Magic in Each Stroke No
p. 23 Maria Malmstrom Light Up Your Small World Yes
p. 24 Janet Vivian Club Fanfare No
p. 24 Laura Quiggan Team Work No
p. 26 Eve Karoblis-Mabe The Back Porch Part III Yes
p. 26 Deb Weissler Experience April in Paris No
p. 28 Alicia Simon It's All in the Details Yes
p. 28 Althea Crome Knitting Small Works of Art No
p. 29 Barbara Renken Garden Chair Yes
p. 30 Jan McCandliss Quarter inch County Fair Stand Yes
p. 31 Charlotte Atcher A County Fair in a Matchbox Yes
p. 31 Ginger Bryant Ginger Bryant's Penny Arcade No
p. 33 Kris Compas Shabby Chic Bed Yes
p. 34 (reader submissions) Dirty, Messy and Lived In Spaces No
p. 34 No author Spring Showcase (artisan's work) No
p. 36 Kris Compas Hang a Little Quilling Shelf Yes
p. 38 (reader submissions) Dirty, Messy and Lived In Spaces, contd. No
p. 39 Martha Puff Doll Artist - Jamie Carrington No
p. 40 Martha Puff Good Sam Showcase (Part 2) No
p. 42 No author Gallery - Susan Farnik No
p. 43 Martha Puff Good Sam Showcase (Part 2, continued) No
p. 44 Eva Perendreu Dream Room (cover) No
p. 45 Martha Puff Good Sam Showcase (Part 2, continued) No
p. 49 Auralea Krieger To Glue or Not to Glue Yes
p. 52 Gemma Figueras Mini Quilt Yes
p. 54 Jo Bevilacqua Construct a Grand Entry (Part 2) Yes
p. 55 Soraya Merino Smiling Princesses No
p. 58 Julie Campbell A Fairy Tail in Miniature No
p. 61 Gabriele Layne A House with Many Rooms No
p. 62 John Clayton Flower Planters Yes
p. 65 No author Kitchen Equipment Yes
p. 66 Diane Birnberg The New Shop in Smallsea No
p. 66 Barbie Cohn Andreason Music Stage No
p. 72 Jan Stuart A Cart for Every Peddler No
p. 74 Claire Mitchell A Little Home No
p. 75 T. A. Gozeski Make a Few Tiny Accents Yes
p. 77 No author Mini Cutouts - Labels Yes
p. 81 Kathleen Ferrari In a Nutshell No
p. 82 No author Miniature Exhibit No
p. 85 No author Snippets - Photos, Magazines Yes
p. 90 Joanna Bentom Welsh Cupboard Yes
p. 92 Connie Campbell Halli's House No
p. 97 Mandy Groves Miniature History No
p. 100 Joyce Anderson Heart of Miniatures No
p. 106 No author Through the Looking Glass No