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There are 53 entries for American Miniaturist, 135, 2014:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 7 No author Your Letters Yes
p. 10 Gabriele Layne Miniature Celebration No
p. 10 T. A. Gozeski Jeweled Boxes Yes
p. 12 T. A. Gozeski Renaissance Room No
p. 13 Amanda Phillips Independence Cake Yes
p. 13 No author Heart of Miniatures No
p. 14 No author Auction Report - Theriault's No
p. 16 Marianne Colijn Babies First 4th of July Yes
p. 16 Sophia Twaddell A Work in Progress: Dewell Manor (cover) No
p. 16 Keith Walker Rooftop Chair Yes
p. 19 Mike Hinchcliffe Watercolor Art No
p. 20 Deb Weissler The Time Traveler - Terry Harville No
p. 23 Thuy Means Hotel Room in Mint Candy Tin 'Suitcase' Yes
p. 23 Sarah Mallard Mini Cupcake Hook Yes
p. 24 Annie Willis Fur and Feathers No
p. 24 Annelle Ferguson IGMA Celebrating 35 Years No
p. 26 Linda Moores Wartime Dollhouse No
p. 26 Sharon Doddroe Premier Performance No
p. 28 NAME Day Committee Name Day 2014 Cozy Corner (3 scales) Yes
p. 28 Diane Nash Homestead in Cricklade: A Memory Piece No
p. 30 Ted Burst Sliding Door Yes
p. 32 Grace White The Crofter's Cottage No
p. 33 Diana Yates A Perfect Picnic Day Yes
p. 34 Nora Simcoe Club Fanfare No
p. 36 Jo Moore Stewart Alice's Palace No
p. 37 Shannon Kindred Shell Shop No
p. 40 Jenny Mercer A Beloved Story No
p. 40 Gabriele Layne A Room Box Series No
p. 44 Elizabeth Hamilton The Journey of a House No
p. 47 Natalia Antonelli Make a Sicilian Dessert Yes
p. 48 No author Gallery No
p. 48 Ronnie Godfrey The Beauty Within Yes
p. 52 Julie Warren A Stylish Storage Bench Yes
p. 54 Lauren Nielsen Dollhouse that Dazzle No
p. 56 Gabriele Layne Potting Shed No
p. 58 Kris Compas A Garden Planter Yes
p. 58 Jan Stuart An English Grocer's Shop No
p. 61 Michael Giannini Kids' Corner - Nautical Buoys and Floats Yes
p. 62 Keith Walker Rooftop Table Yes
p. 63 Lucy Maloney Miniature Pets No
p. 64 Dolly Steinmeier-Harvey Hola de Espana No
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 67 No author Mini Cutouts - Yes
p. 68 Kris Compas Mini Fly Swatter Yes
p. 72 Dave Julian Mini Miniatures Shop No
p. 74 Ronnie Godfrey Blooming Fuchsias Yes
p. 76 Celeste York I Want S'More Yes
p. 78 No author Water, Water Everywhere Yes
p. 82 Danielle Muller Grosvenor Hall No
p. 85 Alison Thomas Mini Beach Kits No
p. 90 Rhea Avery Safe Haven Dollhouse No
p. 93 No author Snippets Yes
p. 97 Kathleen Ferrari Last Word No