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There are 47 entries for American Miniaturist, 125, 2013:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 10 Deb Weissler Modern Design No
p. 10 Deb Weissler A Fairy-Tale World of Whimsy No
p. 16 Jan Stuart Bushel Baskets Yes
p. 16 No author Miniature Showcase No
p. 18 Mary Kaliski Learning and Adapting Masters' Classes (cover) No
p. 18 Sylvia Mobley Match Made in Fantasy No
p. 19 Michelle Canada Hornet's Nest Yes
p. 20 Jo Bevilacqua The Fairy's Garden Yes
p. 24 No author Mary Mary, Extraordinary No
p. 24 Kristen Wu Young Miniaturist No
p. 26 William T. Whiting When is Bauhaus a Dollhouse No
p. 26 Allison Croat Downsizing Your Collection No
p. 29 Kristen Wu Appetizer Tray Yes
p. 30 Barbara Aardema Hephzibah House Replica No
p. 32 Cat Wingler Vignette, Workbench and Shelves Yes
p. 32 Barbara Aardema 2013 Chicago International Show findings No
p. 32 Rhea Avery Pet Store No
p. 34 Keith Walker For a Miniature Maestro Yes
p. 36 Monica Graham The Three Sisters No
p. 40 Katherine Black Bead Maze Yes
p. 40 Minnie Kitchen Sculpting and Braiding Yes
p. 42 Debbie McManus Stair Treads and Ceiling Light Tips Yes
p. 43 No author Complimentary Insert - Vintage Postcards Yes
p. 43 Mari Meredith Bench with a Parasol Yes
p. 43 Jan Stuart Fright Night Gets its Glitter No
p. 44 Martha Puff Inimitable New Designs No
p. 46 No author Gallery- Susan Farnik Collection No
p. 48 Lorrie Andersen Steampunk Adventure Yes
p. 52 Michelle Canada Barn Stars Yes
p. 52 Martha Puff Food and Fantasy No
p. 53 Christine Campbell Heart of Miniatures No
p. 54 Carol Huffman Bronze Figures No
p. 55 Kiva Atkinson Something is Fishy Here Yes
p. 58 Terrilynn Fox Quillen Kid's Corner Yes
p. 58 Vera Blair Fireplace Screens Yes
p. 58 Allison Croat Creating Together No
p. 60 Lynne Sobol Homage to Hospitality No
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 66 Jo Bevilacqua Container Garden Yes
p. 67 No author Mini Cutouts - Sardine Cans No
p. 72 Vera Blair Mini Beds Yes
p. 72 Paul Gadenne Light Your Pumpkin Yes
p. 76 Marianne Colijn Weiner Dogs Wearing Sweaters Yes
p. 80 Alison White Harvest Shed Yes
p. 85 No author Snippets Yes
p. 90 Allison Croat Granite Dollhouses - Rui Soares No
p. 97 Anne Winterich Last Word No