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There are 31 entries for American Miniaturist, 76, 2009:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 6 Shelly Hawley-Yan Pillow Talk Yes
p. 12 Amy Marshall Labor of Love No
p. 12 No author Mouth Watering Minis No
p. 16 Eve Anderson Constructing Shutters Yes
p. 17 Arla Johnson Recognizing the Work of Bob Carlisle No
p. 18 Paddy Culhane The Evolution of the Egg Carton Yes
p. 18 Pamela J. Nicholson Elvis' Hang Out No
p. 20 Mary Kaliski Showtime Report: Chicago International No
p. 24 Mary Kaliski Showtime Report: Chicago International, contd. No
p. 27 Mary Kaliski Showtime Report: Chicago International, contd. No
p. 28 Ginger Bryant Project Magic Inspires Shop No
p. 28 Gosia Suchodolska Tiny Treasures Yes
p. 30 Debbie Young Sears & Roebuck Avalon Bungalow Pt 2 Yes
p. 31 No author Baby's First Shoes Yes
p. 33 No author Complimentary Insert Yes
p. 34 Janine Crocker Flapper's Topper Yes
p. 35 Billie Gnodde Club Fanfare No
p. 36 Barbara Aardema Flights of Fancy No
p. 39 Pimsiri Sukkerd Thailand Support No
p. 42 Ellie Arnould-Tomb Eloise Comes to Life No
p. 44 No author Gallery No
p. 48 Akke Ris Houseplants Yes
p. 51 Marianne Colijn Brambly Kitchen No
p. 54 No author Heart of Miniatures No
p. 55 Aleah Klay Cookie Jar Yes
p. 59 Pam Rashilla Kids' Corner Yes
p. 62 Tom Walden Tom's Tools - Table Saws Yes
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 69 No author Snippets - Diner Project Yes
p. 76 Marianne Colijn Fimo-free Foods Yes
p. 86 No author Captivating Costumes No