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There are 11 entries for Miniature Collector, Mar 2017:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 10 No author Auction Report - Theriault's No
p. 12 Judy Lauson Milton's Barber Shoppe (cover) No
p. 18 Stan Harrison Furniture Artisans Pete and Pam Boorum No
p. 20 Lynne Montes de Oca Furniture Artisan Ferd Sobol No
p. 22 Sharon Doddroe Furniture Artisan Michael Walton No
p. 26 D. J. Zerbolio Flickering Fireplace Yes
p. 30 Stan Harrison The Balvenie No
p. 36 No author Heart of Miniatures No
p. 38 No author Gallery No
p. 94 Nancy Jarvis Discovering Musical Minis with Cook & Co. Yes
p. 98 No author Through the Looking Glass No