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There are 28 entries for Miniature Collector, Jul 2016:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 7 Mags Cassidy Mini Veggies Yes
p. 10 Kammy Hill Tuscan Patio (Cover) No
p. 14 No author Auction Report - Theriault's No
p. 16 No author HBS Creatin Contest 2015 (cover) No
p. 16 Burgos Ruano Immaculat Watering Can Yes
p. 20 Mary-Louise DeVoe Conservatory No
p. 22 (reader submissions) Pets at Home No
p. 26 Various Stars & Stripes Showcase No
p. 28 Jim Larson Indian Summer No
p. 28 Pricilia Printing on Fabric Yes
p. 30 Deb Weissler Cabinet House No
p. 31 D.L. Richards Shop Talk - My Dollhouse, Inc No
p. 34 Patricia Miller Create a Romantic Canopy Bed Yes
p. 40 Lauren Nielsen The Miniature Show Recap (Chicago) No
p. 42 Stan Harrison The Pink Pelican No
p. 44 Deb Weissler GI Joe with a Twist No
p. 46 No author Gallery - Musee Miniature et Cinema, France No
p. 48 Deb Weissler Embracing Red, White, & Blue No
p. 52 Francisco del Pozo Pares Bathroom Basin Yes
p. 54 Laurel Zigler Heart of Miniatures No
p. 56 Celia Thomas A Wartime Kitchen (Pt 2) Yes
p. 60 Laurel Zigler Kids' Corner - Casual Footwear Yes
p. 63 Kris Compas Weaving a Wicker Table Yes
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 67 No author Mini Cutouts - Kite, Flags Yes
p. 72 Rebecca Micallef A Home for Miss Leah No
p. 76 Vera Blair Chimney Topper Yes
p. 81 Brita Moore A Perfect Mini Getaway No