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There are 56 entries for Miniature Collector, Dec 2005:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 9 Anne Day Smith Guild School '05 No
p. 10 Kiva Atkinson Christmas Feast Yes
p. 10 Terrence Lynch Show Report No
p. 12 No author New Products No
p. 12 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 15 Marie Wendt Display Case-The Buttercup No
p. 16 Elles Leenders Polar Bear Yes
p. 16 Kathy Obrenski Make a Cookie Christmas Tree Yes
p. 16 Mary Kaliski Dysfunction in the Dollhouse No
p. 17 Larry Marshall Small Steps: A Glue Primer No
p. 18 Deb Weissler Treasure Nook No
p. 20 Libby Goodman Vintage Discoveries: Toys for Boys No
p. 22 Deb Weissler Spencer's Nook Ornament Yes
p. 22 Helen Cottrell Beyond Kits: Bongo Does Christmas (In Style) No
p. 22 Barbara Aardema Just in Time for Christmas No
p. 24 Joann Swanson The Annual Snowman Contest Yes
p. 26 Joyce Mori Winter Wonderland Yes
p. 26 Fay Zerbolio Ann Kimball Pipe's Rooms No
p. 30 No author Stenciled Windows Yes
p. 30 No author Nursery Rhymes And Fairy Tales No
p. 32 Martha Puff Artisan and Teacher No
p. 35 Rik Pierce Make a Faux-stone Floor From Vinyl Tile Yes
p. 35 Lou Geary Lighted Centerpiece Yes
p. 36 Cat Wingler High Tea at Balmoral Part I Yes
p. 37 Martha Puff Holiday Potpourri No
p. 38 Mary Van der Stel Nativity Needlepoint Yes
p. 38 Martha Puff Holiday Potpourri (cont'd) No
p. 38 Martha Puff Holiday Potpourri (cont'd) No
p. 39 Martha Puff Holiday Potpourri (cont'd) No
p. 40 Martha Puff Holiday Potpourri (cont'd) No
p. 40 Martha Puff Holiday Potpourri (cont'd) No
p. 41 Martha Puff Holiday Potpourri (cont'd) No
p. 42 Fay Zerbolio Make a Flower Pot Santa Yes
p. 42 No author Meet Me In Chicago No
p. 43 No author Panel of Experts 2005 No
p. 44 Lou Geary Dove Ornaments Yes
p. 44 Anne Day Smith A Passion For Horses No
p. 45 No author Snippets - Holiday Decorations Yes
p. 46 Dougless Strickland Bitler Life in an 1890s Townhouse No
p. 47 Joyce Mori Warmth Underfoot Yes
p. 48 Penny Herbst The Hebrew Word for Silver No
p. 50 Marianne Colijn We Wish You a Messy Christmas Yes
p. 52 Cheryl J. Scharling Waiting for Santa no
p. 53 Grace Shaw Make an Exquisite Dogwood Tree Yes
p. 53 Barbara Squier Quick Lampshade Redo Yes
p. 56 Kathy Centracchio Christmas Rush No
p. 56 Jane Freeman Climbing The Walls No
p. 58 Anne Day Smith Looking Back No
p. 60 Marie Richardson A Simple Twist of Stem Yes
p. 66 Patsy Morris Winter Whimsy Yes
p. 73 Pat Vick Kids' Corner - Lamp Shade Yes
p. 76 Arnulv Stensland Perfect Poinsettias Yes
p. 82 Heather Lynn Isaacs Santa Claus' Story No
p. 82 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 86 Nertha Gaal Through the Magnifying Glass No
p. 90 Tom Berkner Ask the Experts - Lighted Wreath Yes