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There are 42 entries for Dollhouse Miniatures, Sep 2006:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 11 Lynette Barker Kit Review - Adobe Birdhouse kit No
p. 11 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 12 Robin Stewart Moss Covered Planters Yes
p. 12 Libby Goodman Vintage Discoveries - The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods No
p. 12 No author Auction Report No
p. 14 Cookie Ziemba House of the Three Widows No
p. 14 Chris Walton Beyond Kits - Paper Tole Mini Scene No
p. 15 Joyce Mori Marbleous Yes
p. 16 Larry Marshall Small Steps: Photographing Miniatures, Part 2 Yes
p. 18 Motes De Oca Ferd Sobol 25 Years No
p. 19 Lisa Irving Halprin A Place of Healing No
p. 20 Joann Swanson A 1970's Dorm Room Yes
p. 22 Barbara Engel Club Fanfare No
p. 24 Ray Whitledge An Elegant Paneled Library, Part 4 Yes
p. 28 Jane Freeman Make it Modern Yes
p. 28 Barbara Aardema Show and Tell in Chicago No
p. 30 Lou Geary Pet Toys Yes
p. 32 Stephanie Finnegan Past Perfect No
p. 36 Becky Winsor Custom Ceramic Yes
p. 37 Barbara Botway Merry Widow Bustier Yes
p. 37 Deb Weissler Sophisticated lady: Kari Bloom's Miniton Miniatures No
p. 38 Barbara Aardema Behind the Scenes of Ferd Sobol Editions No
p. 39 No author Complimentary Insert Yes
p. 40 Joyce Mori Chair Couture Yes
p. 40 Ruth Flewelling Lesbirel A One-Room Schoolhouse Yes
p. 42 Mary Kaliski Gallery No
p. 46 Martha Puff An African Odyssey in Miniature No
p. 48 No author Heart of Miniatures No
p. 48 Kathi Bird A Dutch Canal House for Mary No
p. 49 Martha Puff Safari and African Decor in Miniature No
p. 52 Karen Cary Create a 1/4 inch Scale Modern Bedroom Set Yes
p. 54 Robin Stewart So Long, Summer Yes
p. 55 Peter Tucker A Modern Chair Yes
p. 60 Cynthia Howe Schoolgirl Dress Yes
p. 61 Jo Bevilacqua Kids' Corner Yes
p. 65 Cynthia Howe Antique Books Yes
p. 66 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 67 No author Snippets Yes
p. 70 Marianne Colijn Cloche Hat Yes
p. 76 Paul Davey Out Fishing Yes
p. 83 Jo Bevilacqua Barbed Wire Yes
p. 90 Jon Billing Tool School- Miter Boxes No