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There are 49 entries for Dollhouse Miniatures, Jun 2005:

Page Author Title How To?
p. 6 Terri Quillen Mini Tips N Tricks Yes
p. 7 No author Display Case (various collectors) No
p. 8 Dougless Strickland Bitler Ask Dougless No
p. 8 Leslie Carmichael 24 Carrots - Kim Matthews No
p. 12 Deb Weissler Summertime Perfection No
p. 13 Larry Marshall Small Steps: Measure Twice Cut Once No
p. 14 Mary Kaliski Flair for the Dramatic No
p. 15 Jan Patrie Green Beans Yes
p. 16 Libby Goodman Vintage Discoveries -Mystery Dollhouse No
p. 16 Jany Graf Trash to Treasure No
p. 18 Helen Cottrell Beyond Kits - Shelf Life Yes
p. 20 Kathy Moore Half-Scale Builder Chuck Tumlinson No
p. 20 Chris Walton Garden Updates Yes
p. 23 Chuck Tumlinson Chuck's Tips No
p. 24 Marge Powell A Dollhouse Story no
p. 26 Mary Kaliski Famous Figures by Glenda Hooker No
p. 26 Jane Freeman Living in a Glass House No
p. 28 Janina Birtolo Of Kings, Castles, and Coronets No
p. 29 Glenda Hooker Tools & Tips Yes
p. 30 No author Toys No
p. 32 Penny Herbst Dingley Hall No
p. 32 Patsy Morris Camping in Half Scale Yes
p. 36 Susan Grimshaw 100 Years of Miniature Homes No
p. 36 Roz Weitzman A Wooden Bench Comes to Life Yes
p. 40 Michele Carter King of Spring Bearded Irises Yes
p. 40 Anne Day Smith Blossom by Blossom No
p. 42 Deb Weissler Voyage to Jim's Lilliput No
p. 42 Joann L. Swanson The Goblin's Marketplace Yes
p. 43 No author Center Insert Yes
p. 45 Caroline Simpson Kids' Corner - Frames Yes
p. 47 No author Snippets - American Miniaturist (Half scale) Yes
p. 48 No author Gallery No
p. 50 Grace Shaw Rustic Fireplace Yes
p. 52 Joann L. Swanson Restaurante Mexicano Yes
p. 53 Lauren Walker Chicago International No
p. 54 Valerie Anne Casson Clowning Around Yes
p. 58 No author 2004 Miniature Collector Index No
p. 58 No author A Conversation with: Yes
p. 59 No author A Conversation with: No
p. 60 Patsy Morris Half Scale Bird Houses Yes
p. 67 Terri Quillen Mini Tips N Tricks Yes
p. 68 Deb Mackie Mini Bonsai Trees Yes
p. 74 Andrea Barham Paperbacks of Yesterday Yes
p. 75 No author Painted Cushions Yes
p. 78 Lou Geary Wind Chimes Yes
p. 82 Christine A. Verstraete Colorful Rugs Yes
p. 82 No author Through the Looking Glass No
p. 86 Tom Berkner Ask the Experts - Lighting Yes
p. 88 Pamela Kemp I Spy Yes